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100% Extermination Guarantee

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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small insects that bite and can quickly multiply and move around. Bed bugs can get into any property, no matter where it is. Bed bugs and bed bug infestations are not thought to be dangerous to your health. But extreme infestations can cause other health problems, like skin infections and allergic reactions from bug bites, as well as the stress and anxiety of having to deal with them.

The most important thing to do to avoid an infestation is to stop bed bugs from coming in. Bed bugs can be found in hotels, motels, dorms, apartments, condos, private homes, and even some public places like businesses and offices. Bed bugs can live anywhere that people gather.

Professional Bed Bug Heat Treatment for Commercial Businesses

Bed bugs can be a big problem for any business because they are hard to get rid of and can hurt your reputation. Bed bugs can get in at any time if they are brought in on personal items, packages, or even your next customer or visitor. They can reproduce quickly, but what’s worse is that they’re very hard to catch. This means that a few bed bugs can turn into thousands before you even notice they’re there.

Bed bug infestations must be detected quickly and treated appropriately to prevent them from getting out of hand. Heat treatment is the most appropriate form of eradication because it requires the least amount of time to perform with minimal disruption to the business.

In addition, the preparation for the heat treatment does not require residents or customers to vacate affected areas for long periods of time. This type of treatment also does not necessitate removing furnishings or personal property from any spaces.

The Benefits of Thermokill's Bed Bug Heat Treatment

In addition to ensuring the bed bug population is effectively controlled on your commercial property, our powerful heat treatments deliver the following benefits:

High Success Rate

Heat treatment raises the temperature to a level that kills many kinds of pests. This makes it impossible for bed bugs to live there at any stage of their lives (from eggs to fully grown adult). It can easily go through things like mattresses, electronics, and furniture without damaging them.

Environmentally Safe

This effective treatment does not require the use of chemicals to kill and eliminate bed bugs.

100% Extermination Guarantee

Our heat treatments are trusted and approved by 100+ clients. We have decades of experience.

Bed bug heat treatment in Toronto

Who Can Benefit the Most From Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs?

Heat treatment is ideal for commercial businesses such as:

  • Hotels and Motels
  • Nursing Homes
  • Nursery Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Libraries
  • Community Centres
  • Public Facilities
  • Retirement Homes
  • Vehicle Rental Businesses
  • Transportation Companies
  • Apartment Communities
  • College Dorms

Trusted Commercial Bed Bug Treatment

  • Bed bugs are a common problem in both homes and businesses. Twenty percent of the population has had bed bugs in their homes or hotels, or they know someone who has.
  • Small pale yellow eggs and rust-colored droppings on bed sheets and pillowcases are signs of a bed bug problem. There may be a strong smell of locker rooms in the area as well.
  • Infestations of bed bugs can quickly spread from one area to the rest of the property. The insects move to furniture, rugs, and carpeting by hitching rides on shoes and clothing.

Bed bugs can be eradicated with heat treatments. Pest control professionals only need to come once to do the job.

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I greatly appreciated Thermokill for there quick response and good care of my home which was infected by bedbugs.
Sam and entire team were very responsive, answered all my questions/concerns and even more.
I got detailed and clear instructions how to do preparation.
During the treatment I was notified regularly how the process is going.
Already the same day the bedbugs were eliminated from my home and I could freely sleep.
Thank you to the hole Thermokill team to making my home free of unwanted visitors.
Would highly recommend this company.


Excellent all around service. Hamid, Ray and Sam were all a pleasure to work with. Very clear communication regarding preparation and treatment process. Very professional approach to the entire job. Warranty provides peace of mind and confidence that the team stands behind their work.

Roxan HRoxan H

Amazing customer service and professional staff.
Perfect company and the best price.
Right after my call, they came for the same day inspection, and one day later, they finished the job nicely and clean.
Highly recommend this company

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Infographic - Thermokill Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Protecting Yourself from Bed Bugs in Public Places

A bed bug infestation can occur in an office, classroom, or other place that is not a home, like a department store. Bed bugs can use these places to hitchhike into homes. Management, staff, customers, and workers can all help stop bed bugs from spreading.

Questions and Answers About Bed Bugs in a Commercial Setting

Can bed bugs enter a commercial property?

Yes, they can. Bed bugs are becoming more and more common in commercial establishments. Bed bugs are very small, and they both hide and hitchhike to stay alive and reproduce. They can get into a building on anyone’s clothes, briefcases, handbags, or shoes. Vendors and suppliers can also bring them in.

How do they get there?

It can be very difficult to find the point of entry. Even if an infestation seems clear (for example, if it’s seen only in one part of a commercial property), it’s not right to blame anyone for that part of the building. For example, the bugs could be in a single area, but they could have come from a nearby area or from somewhere else. The bugs could have come from a visitor or a supplier as well.

Where are bed bugs most likely to be found?

Also, bed bugs often go unnoticed for a long time in commercial buildings, and by the time the problem is found, it may have spread. Bed bugs tend to avoid places that are well-lit and full of people. They can also go months without eating. So, workers usually don’t get bitten until the bed bugs change how they feed and start looking for blood meals during the day when there are hosts around. By then, their numbers could have grown significantly.

What should I do if I find bed bugs at work?

If you suspect the presence of bedbugs in your building, talk to your immediate manager or the property management.

Remove Bed Bugs from Commercial Properties and Prevent Reinfestation

The best way to deal with bed bugs is to get rid of them and prevent their return. Thermokill’s commercial heat treatment for bed bugs is safe and efficient. Contact them today for a free inspection and a custom treatment plan.

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