Will Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs Damage My Home

Having to deal with bed bugs in the house is one of the most horrendous and annoying things to experience in your living space. It’s a different kind of torture when you jump into your bed after a long day expecting to have a good night’s rest, only to have bed bugs invade your privacy, scare you to the core and bite your skin.The stings caused by these nasty insects can cause irritation that can grow into severe inflammation and lead to skin infection. However, you can get rid of bed bugs by seeking a professional, targeted solution; bed bug heat treatment.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment- Overview

The standard bed bug heat treatment is performed by bed bugs specialists using specially designed heat units (a machine that produces heat within your home to kill these bugs) and fan and other equipment. Typically, bed bugs die at a temperature of 50˚ C; however, the bed bug specialists heat your house to a more intense temperature of 60˚ C . This temperature is maintained for about 5 to 7 or even 8 hours to ensure no bugs remain alive.
After learning about the intense heat, many homeowners suffering from bed bugs are reluctant to seek this professional full-proof solution out of the fear that the heat may damage their house. But is that true and a legit fear? The straightforward answer to that question is a big fat NO!
So, Keep reading, and watch us disprove this myth.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Is Safe For Your Home

Using heat-based treatment to kill bed bugs is a years-old, tried and tested technique and the most effective method for that purpose. In fact, it’s a lot safer, more effective, and promising than conventional chemical-based pesticides that do more harm to you and your home than any good.
Here are a few things about your home’s safety you should know with regards to bed bug treatments:

  • Your bed bug specialist will inform you about all the precautions you must take before the heat treatment takes place in your home.
  • Here’s some good news: All of your house’s structures and belongings will remain safe. The heat treatment will not harm or melt anything in your house. However, bed bug specialist may ask you to cover some items or seal some stuff using plastic bags. If they deem some object vulnerable, they’ll simply instruct you to move them out of the house or to a suitable spot within the house.
  • The only thing you must do before the bed bug heat treatment leaves the house and take your pets along because the heat would is only likely to harm you and your four-legged buddies.
  • A small exception: If you possess fish tanks, relocate them.
  • As long as you always seek this treatment from a certified bed bug company like Thermokill and don’t rely on a DIY heat hack to kill bugs, you and your home should remain safe and sound.
Most Effective Bed Bugs Treatment
Bed bug heat treatment is a totally safe and is the most effective method to get rid of bed bugs once and for all. So, if you’ve been suffering from beg bug invasion for too long, feel fearless to opt for this heat treatment and schedule a session with Thermokill today.

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